Deep Education

Information for selected participants


29.10.2016 (arrival) – 6.11.2016 (departure).

We want to start with the programme during the evening of the arrival day. Please plan your journey so that you arrive at the venue before 6pm. There will be no programme on the departure day.


Vila Sklenářka
is a 100 years old neo-renaissance villa with beautiful gardens and lake, situated in the Orlické hory mountain area, in the North-East of Czechia. There are more different buildings around which are all connected to the venue. At the moment there is around 20 people living there, some of them helping to run the place. There is a community feeling and it has all in all a very friendly vibe.

Address: Vila Sklenářka 458, Kostelec nad Orlicí, Czech Republic
GPS: 50.1080600N, 16.1703222E


We will have sleeping places inside the villa in shared rooms with mattresses. As a second option there are wooden huts with no electricity, but with more privacy :-). In both cases you will need your own sleeping bag. If you prefer to have bedding (OK blankets, not extremely warm), it will be available for 4 € fee (for the whole stay).

There is also a beautiful garden for camping, so if you feel like it, bring your tent with you. The centre is well equipped with showers and bathrooms. For the programme we will use both indoor and outdoor spaces.


We will be provided with healthy and delicious food based on local and seasonal products, mainly vegetarian, 3 times per day. There is a small shop in Sklenářka, where you can buy sweets, soft drinks and some souvenirs. The nearest shop is in Kostelec nad Orlicí, 4 km away from Sklenářka.


Your final station will be Kostelec nad Orlicí, possible to reach both by bus and train.

There are two train stations in Kostelec. One is called “Kostelec nad Orlicí město”, (which means "town") and is located cose to the centre. The second one is called just “Kostelec nad Orlicí” and is located little bit aside from the centre. It is 3,5 km from Sklenářka, you can walk or we can pick you by car. In both cases it is better to exit on “Kostelec nad Orlicí město” station. If you decide to walk just take the green touristic sign. It will lead you to villa Sklenářka. Map:

Best connections from Prague are:
  • by bus: you will go to metro station “Černý most” (yellow line B), there is a bus station, platform number 8. Bus goes at 14.00 (you will reach Kostelec at 16.14).
  • by train: you will go to metro/tram station “Hlavní nádraží” (red line C), which is also main train station. Train goes at 15.11 (direction Hradec Králové, Letohrad) and you will reach Kostelec at 17.44.
You can find other connections here: (for EN / DE version click the flag).

Please keep the price of your whole journey under these limits:
  • Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia: 180€
  • Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom: 275€

Participation fee:

You can decide according to your feeling at the end of the course. All basic costs are covered by Erasmus+ grant. In a spirit of reciprocity and balance there will be a space for donations, which we will use for the development of other deep education activities and our psychohygiene. :-)


Long term forecast for the area:
It can be quite cold, we can even have some snow. Be prepared for light outdoor work in November in Central Europe.


To make the course useful and enjoyable for you we want to dedicate about a half of the time of the programme to your workshops (sessions, activities..). Most probably we will work in two paralel groups during these workshops and will have two slots per morning / afternoon. It means that you will have around 15 people for 60-90 minutes to deliver your activity.

The aim and the theme of your session must be connected to the whole concept of the course (outlined in the Invitation). Also it would be helpful if you think about the flow of the course - where in the week would your input fit nicely. The final structure of programme slots and participants' inputs will be created on the spot based on your proposals. Start thinking about it, we will later send a form to collect your drafts.

What to bring (summary):

  • Sleeping bag (recommended, or you can use the offer of bedding for 4 €)
  • Tent (if you plan to camp during the course)
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for both indoor and outdoor stay, warm enough
  • Books for the project library to share or exchange with others. Preferably in English.
  • Diary, paper, pen..
  • Insurance card and passport / ID.
  • Water bottle
  • (Head) torch
  • Games, music, musical instruments and anything that inspires you and could inspire others
  • Everything you need for your workshop (in case you want to host one).

+420 777 961 443 - Helena
+420 608 039 629 - Honza

Greetings from Honza, Helena, Steve.

(All photos are from Sklenářka.)